My Story

I have always had a interest in health and nutrition which probably started when I was young as my Mum was always a fairly conscious eater and trained as a nurse when I was a child, so I was familiar with illness and disease, and the fact that good diet and a healthy lifestyle could help prevent these conditions.

I went on to study a BSc Degree in Biochemistry and Immunology where I focused my studies on Vasculitis, an Autoimmune Disease which affects the vessels in the body causing inflammation and systemic damage to our bodies – its a tragic condition and made my passion to help people live a healthier life more intent.

In my early twenties, my brother discovered after a short illness that he had Multiple Sclerosis – it was a scary time as a family, but luckily my previous studies helped us understand what this strange illness was and ways to try to manage the symptoms. 12 years on, my brother still struggles with his illness, but he has managed to stay strong both physically and mentally since his diagnosis and is an inspiration to me everyday.

I was then engulfed by the corporate world for the next 10 years, as a Chartered Tax Accountant, but always stayed intact with the science and the health industry attending events on autoimmune disease, cancer, heart health, medicinal mushrooms and many more…

In the last couple of years I have rerouted my career and retrained in nutrition, Pilates, and health writing – all the things I love.

I am studying nutrition at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in Richmond, London and I am studying Comprehensive Pilates on the mat, reformer, ladder barrel, trapeze table and the Pilates Chair at Polestar Pilates UK.

Nutrition & Wellness

My aim is to try and find solutions for those suffering with health issues, with a particular focus on autoimmune conditions, but so many illnesses including diabetes, obesity and heart disease have similar underlying causes.  I would like to provide information, aspirations and other options to those who are not at their best – we can achieve better health with improvements to our diet and lifestyle, we just need to change our priorities and often perspective with some advice and coaching, we can all get there.


I also believe in movement, core stability and body alignment to help our bodies function properly which is so often overlooked.  Our body is an energy system, communicating through nerve signals, so we need to ensure our pathways are free and aligned, and that our muscles are apportioned to support our skeletal system so that our bones stay strong and our nerves stay comfortable.

With an integrated health solution you can be the person you were meant to be in life – and my hope is to help those who are struggling get to where they would like to be in life whilst enjoying the experience of getting there.