Have you ever wondered what all the hype is about fasting? I know I did!

It was clear that fasting prevented you from eating too many calories which has benefits for weight management, but its role in anti-ageing and longevity was baffling – until I researched a process in the body known as ‘autophagy’.

In a calorie-restricted or fasted state, autophagy in the body is promoted which has been shown in animal studies to be important in increasing healthspan. Healthspan is a term used to describe the part of your life when you are in good health – the longer this is, the better!

So what is autophagy?

Autophagy is the body’s waste disposal process which clears out the harmful build-up of disrupted proteins, removes disordered cells from the body whose energy process isn’t working (due to dysfunctional mitochondria) and, in a nutrient-depleted state provides cells with the nourishment they need. In summary, it clears out all the bad cells that are not doing you much good anymore and cherishes the cells that are helping you to thrive!

  • ‘Inflammaging’ – inflammation that causes ageing!

As autophagy might facilitate the clearance of damaged cells from the body which cause inflammation then it may help appease the negative effects of inflammaging! New research is suggesting that promoting autophagy in those suffering with autoimmune disease can clear out autoantibodies which are a factor in flare ups of these conditions.

  • Brain health

This may be particularly important for neurodegenerative disorders which are commonly associated with an accumulation of proteins on the brain as you age, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s Disease and ALS.

  • Fatty Liver

Studies have also demonstrated the role of autophagy in fat metabolism, especially fat that builds up in the liver as you age which may lead to fatty liver disease.

Fasting and autophagy

Fasting regimes in humans have been associated with beneficial effects on blood sugar regulation, heart issues and cancer incidence. Scientific research is now providing answers as to why this might be the case. More research in this area is required, but what is notable is that sticking to a calorie restricted diet or eating in a shorter time period, such as 8 hours of eating and 16 hours of fasting, is beneficial for human health.

Prolon Body Reset

After experimenting with different fasting regimes, I have found the fasting mimicking diet known as Prolon to be the most effective for me, which is why I have launched a Prolon Body Reset programme in 2020.

Prolon provides all the benefits of fasting without the hunger and you only need to commit to it to for 5 days a month. My programme offers pre and post support so that you can enhance the benefits of fasting to achieve your health goals. Please do get in contact if you wish to find out more.

Wishing you a wonderful first Monday of January and all the wonders to come in 2020!

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