I found out my brother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after he had lost movement in his arm over Christmas.  As far as I can remember, I was never particularly concerned that he couldn’t move his arm, but I was young and although I knew a considerable amount about Autoimmunity from the Immunology degree I had studied, I never imaged it could be anything like that. So when I found out the diagnosis, I was at first shocked, then sad, then felt completely out of control.  What was this disease and how would it affect my brother?  What was the cause – was it lifestyle, genetics, pathogenic? How would it affect our family long term? And most importantly, was there a cure?

It has now been ten years since that day in late January 2007, the day before my brother’s son was born, and although I have a deeper understanding of the illness and as a family we have all taken steps to look after our health much more than before, there are still a lot of unanswered questions of this mysterious disease.  I have suffered myself from a multitude of autoimmune disorders, so I walk this journey with my brother with a hope that one day we will find a cure to this horrible disease and discover the underlying issues of all autoimmune disease.

I have started this blog to capture all the research I have performed which includes exploring various health, wellbeing and fitness programs and products I have tried, as well as providing some useful health tips, food suggestions, fitness ideas and most importantly, inspiration to those who are suffering with autoimmune disease.

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