Bounce back to life!

Personalised Nutritional Therapy 

Are you suffering with chronic health issues? Do you need more energy and focus? Or would you like to improve mental or physical performance?

Then a personalised functional medicine based nutritional and lifestyle protocol might be right for you!

About Victoria-Jain

NPP-0519The Autoimmunity Nutritionist

Victoria is a qualified Nutritional Therapist focusing on autoimmune conditions including chronic fatigue, cardiovascular disorders and neurological issues as well as gut health. Victoria has a BSc in Biochemistry and Immunology which she uses in her practice, using only evidence based nutritional therapies to support chronic conditions. Victoria is also a Dnalife Practitioner and is able to advise on a dietary protocol to suit your genetic profile. Victoria is a keen health writer whose articles are published frequently in Thrive Magazine, where Victoria acts as a ‘Thrive Expert’. Victoria is passionate about health and wellness from her own struggle with autoimmune disease, as well as supporting her brother with MS and members of her famiy who suffer with autoimmune conditions. See Victoria’s STORY page to find out more about her journey to become a Nutrtional Therapist and her passion to help those struggling with autoimmune disorders.



What is Functional Medicine?